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The Power of Reconciliation

Reconciliation between God and man is necessary, in order to have reconciliation between man and his fellow man.

We hear a lot about the need for reconciliation.  Believers should make this a matter of priority; and, being believers, we should practice this at home, at our workplace, in our neighborhoods, and especially in the church.


Is it Worth It?

I’m looking forward to 2017.

We are possibly living in one of the most challenging times for the New Testament church.  Recently I had a conversation that began to really open my eyes to the reality of the world’s current situation. What was so revealing?  I was asked, “How far do you want to go to help this person?  Are you really going to risk that much time, effort, and possibly even personal finances to help someone that acts like they don’t care at all about life?”

This really made me wonder, “Is it worth it?”


For Such a Time as This



I hear so much complaining.  

  • Complaining about the condition of our nation.  
  • Complaining about one political party or another.  
  • Complaining about the candidates.
Sometimes when I get into this kind of “spiritual funk”, I step back an take a look at the situation.  Is anything really happening that’s outside of God’s control?  How many times do we read in the Bible about God using less than ordinary circumstances to bring about “extra” ordinary things?



The Anointing Needed for the Culture Clash

Recently I have been consumed with leading Royal Haven to be successful in the eyes of Jesus.  Most people make sure they do important things in their final days of living; Jesus did that. 

I was reading about Jesus’ final hours in Gethsemane and something jumped out that I had never seen.  Jesus got up from praying four times to check on his disciples.  Three times he stirred them to get ready for the ordeal, and the fourth time he came to tell them it was time to face the crisis. 


What Do These Stones Mean?

Joshua 4:21-22  “In the future when your descendants ask their fathers, ‘What do these stones mean?’  Tell them, ‘Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’


The story goes, that a gifted and talented professor arrived at a speaking engagement.  Two days early, his dates were wrong in his calendar.  He had checked in to the hotel, got his keys and then realized what had happened.  He quickly checked out and visited friends who lived close by for a couple of days.


More About The Jesus Factor

More about the Jesus Factor…

Christians, and non-Christians alike, usually can agree that Jesus is the best role model we have.  From His faith, perseverance, generosity, and even His intelligence, people see the best qualities that mankind can possess.  The Bible teaches to be more like Jesus each and every day, so it’s helpful to learn about some of the character traits He had.  We looked at love last month, here are 4 more Jesus factors…


I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ



I’m part of the fellowship of the unashamed.

I have the Holy spirit power.

The die has been cast.

I have stepped over the line.

The decision has been made.

I am a disciple of Jesus.

I won’t  look back , let up, slow down, back away, or be still.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year! The new year is a time of celebration and reflection. As we look back at 2015 we tend to assess whether we had a good year, or a not so good year. As we remember the events that have transpired, we also take stock in our personal successes and failures. With the turning of the calendar year, we see a clean slate, a fresh new opportunity to make the coming year better than the year before.


Something Is On the Horizon

“The season of advent means there is something on the horizon the likes of which we have never seen before. What is possible…. is to not see it, to miss it, to turn just as it brushes past you. So…


There will be time enough for running… For rushing… For worrying… For pushing. For now, stay. Wait. Something is on the horizon.”

~ Jan L. Richardson
As we officially enter the Christmas season let’s keep our focus as Christ followers on the true gift.  Even as we point to Christ all year long, we must point others to Him all the more at Christmas time. At Royal Haven Baptist Church we will be doing just that.  Our Senior Pastor Rick Dorman will be guiding us through the celebration of Advent on Wednesday nights, and in our teaching and worship.