Randy Stonehill a Spiritual Legacy

As a brand-new Christian in 1983, I was finding my way in the world and learning to trust the compass of the Holy Spirit as God directed me to other Christ-Followers who shared my love for Jesus.  It was these friends who introduced me to the Jesus Music that had been born out of the 70’s Christian Music scene.  I had grown up loving the music of the Beatles, James Taylor, Jim Croce, and Cat Stevens; great music that had shaped my life up to this point.  Now I learned that there could be great music that agreed with my Jesus loving heart.  Maybe you can remember Second Chapter of Acts, Larry Norman, Dallas Holm, or Phil Keaggy… all very impactful on my young Christian walk.  But, the two that really gave my soul wings were Keith Green, and Randy Stonehill.  Keith Green’s music convicted me, but Randy Stonehill opened my heart and made me smile. Randy has a way of writing and performing songs that seemed to already exist in my heart, giving voice to the joy, empathy, and love that reminded me of the Jesus I knew,

On March 9th, Royal Haven will be hosting Randy Stonehill and his Acoustic Guitar in Concert.  Some describe Randy’s music as Christian Folk or Folk Rock, but I describe it as honest, penetrating, and vulnerable.  He is never afraid to hurt with you in his music, and never forgets to laugh with you as he describes his decades of serving God in an unflinching way.  I invite you to come Friday night, March 9th, at 7PM, here at Royal Haven to listen to Randy Stonehill, the Lord’s Troubadour.  Doors open at 6:30 PM; a love offering will be received.
Pastor Marty

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