What Do These Stones Mean?

Joshua 4:21-22  “In the future when your descendants ask their fathers, ‘What do these stones mean?’  Tell them, ‘Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’


The story goes, that a gifted and talented professor arrived at a speaking engagement.  Two days early, his dates were wrong in his calendar.  He had checked in to the hotel, got his keys and then realized what had happened.  He quickly checked out and visited friends who lived close by for a couple of days.

He returned to the hotel on the correct day and checked back in.  His room was 414.  He arrived at his room on the 4th floor and tried to open the door, but the keys would not work.  After several minutes of trying the key, he went back down to the desk and began complaining that the key for his room did not work.


The manager went to the 4th floor with the professor and tried the keys.  Determining the problem, the manager said, “Sir, you have the wrong keys.  These keys are for the 3rd floor, but your room is on the 4th floor.”  The professor then realized what had happened.  When he left the hotel two days earlier, in his haste he forgot to turn in the 3rd floor keys.  The manager said, “Sir, you cannot unlock today’s door with yesterday’s keys.”


What do these stones mean?  Joshua was facing a huge obstacle – Jericho.  God was taking them to the next level of their life, but He had a fresh plan for attacking the new challenge.  Joshua said, remember what God did at the Jordan, now we face a new challenge.  God promised them victory against the walls of Jericho, then he gave them the plan.


The time I have spent this past month has been valuable.  I began to ask, “What do these stones mean?”  God has brought us so far these past five years.  He has done amazing things, and we have wonderful milestones to cherish.  God has spoken to me about moving into His next level of victory for Royal Haven.  I am anticipating a mighty moving of the Holy Spirit in our midst for the tasks that God has prepared for us.  It’s time to lay down some more stones, remember the faithfulness of our God, march around the obstacle, and see God bring about great victory.

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